Hurricane Harvey - Houston • Day 5

Houston has cities within itself and even some neighborhoods that rival the population of ALL of Lufkin. Imagine every last person you know packing up and getting on the road at the same time, including Diboll, Nacogdoches, Hudson, every city and town around you that equals the square mile radius of Houston. Your grandmas, cousins, teachers, store cashiers, everyone.

Now pile all of those cars on the road at one time, not including gas issues, and tell me how it would go when the storm hits then. With this amount of people, there is no "orderly evacuations"; people will leave whether they needed to or not. People would be in the their cars and not safely in homes. Despite news, most people here were rescued or moved, the others that were fatal injuries were people trapped in cars. Multi-millions of people here and ONLY TEN casualties give or take the count today. My grandmother took over 24hrs to make a 2 hour trip when they evacuated last hurricane. She is safe and sound and dry at home. Houston is so stubborn people would ignore warnings anyway (the same ones doing it now and we know the rain is moving north).

If you weren't here getting the information that we were, then don't speak. And stop asking stupid questions. If it's not about helping or safety precautions it shouldn't even matter right now. They actually had help here on the ground BEFORE we even got the worst of the storm. Just be happy you survived the "worst flood in US HISTORY" and tell your kids about it and be quiet for now.