update for the ?s: 💔 still not safe enough to go out or even take photographs due to winds. Still raining. Won't stop until at least Thursday; levys will overflow by tomorrow. Controlled Bayou releases will probably end by tomorrow as well, as the water levels exceed the maximum. Still evacuating neighborhoods downstream from rivers and bayous. Brazos River is at 50ft and heading to 59ft tomorrow. Levies are built for 100yr floods and this is an 800yr flood, going on 1,000yr by the time it's over. Will still take 5 days to drain the water after the rain stops.  Fort Bend County is taking the worst. Lots and lots of citizen rescues and cooperation. Schools opening up as shelters. Everyone is (possibly fake) mad Joel Osteen didn't open his church for shelter.

Tornado watches have started again. Thankfully some little pockets of town still haven't had much activity at all and have no damage this entire time. Weather alerts have gone from every 1-2 mins to every 5-10 minutes.